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STOP WASTING TIME searching through hundreds of videos on Youtube just to get your business up and running on the GrooveDigital Platform!

GET INTO PROFIT FASTER with step-by-step training that guides you through each topic in a logical fashion.

LOOSE THE FRUSTRATION Each video is short and concentrates on a single topic. You can easily pause each one to complete that particular task for your own business. You'll breeze through every step even the "techie" ones!

Courses Available For Immediate Access

  • GDU-101: Everything you need to get you started on the Groove Platform

  • GDU-201: Four of the Groove Applications unlocked so you can get your first offer out into the world.

  • GrooveMember Unlocked: Learn how to set up memberships and courses and learn to profit from the increasing demand for online instruction.

  • Each course has a Downloadable Manual, and...

  • Everything to get your business up and running on the Groove Platform.

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    Why You Need GDUnlocked

  • Over-the-Shoulder style videos guide you through each step needed to set up your business on the GrooveDigital platform.

  • Videos average about 10 minutes each so you can make progress every day.

  • No need to search through hundreds of hours of training videos on YouTube for the information you need to move forward.

  • Purchase only the training you need to grow your business

  • Course Created by

    Cheryl T Campbell

    Cheryl has 37 years of experience teaching adults and has run her own business for 22 years.

    Our Featured GrooveDigital Courses

    Groove Member Unlocked

    GrooveMember Unlocked

    Embrace the growing demand for online education. This course provides everything you need to know about setting up your memberships and courses in the GrooveMember Application.

    GrooveDigital 201

    Two courses in one! Start your Groove journey with GDU 101. You will learn how to set up your platform wide information, custom domains and more. Then move onto GDU 201 where GPages, GFunnels, GSell & Basic Groovemail are UNLOCKED and easy to understand.

    Course cover for GrooveMail Unlocked

    GrooveMail Unlocked (advanced)

    Go beyond the basics and discover email marketing strategies that can help you grow your business while delivering a better customer experience for your clients.

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    Rave Reviews

    USE ON GROOVE MEMBER>>I loved how straightforward, well-structured and logically organized the course was. I was able to follow along and quickly get my own membership set up!  Cheryl explains everything so clearly and all of her videos are bite-sized and actionable, so it's easy to put things into practice right away.

    I purchased the lifetime Platinum version of Groove while it was still in Beta over a year ago and wasn't really able to make any headway with it. Thank god for Cheryl's course and all the helpful tips and no-nonsense instruction she provides in this course - without it I would have spent ages through trial and error and going through endless youtube videos - and still got nowhere! This course is a massive time saver and has exponentially increased my confidence in using Groove for myself.

    GrooveDigital Unlocked Testimonial by Michaela Bosquet Lambert

    Michaela Bosquet Lambert, Love and Dating Coach


    If you are looking for a teacher to give you crystal clear instruction on starting your online business, you won’t be disappointed with Cheryl Campbell. I had purchased access to GrooveKart, an online platform for ecommerce businesses. I struggled for a year to build a website that not only looked good but performed well. I was ready to just give up and then was lucky enough to talk with Cheryl about her class “GrooveKart Unlocked”. It was exactly what I needed. The videos were easy to follow. They were broken into segments that walked me through each step that needed to be done before proceeding to the next step. Everything was explained in detail. When I had questions, Cheryl was quick to provide the help I needed. In my opinion Cheryl is a natural born teacher and has the insight and experience of a professional business owner. That is an unbeatable combination. In my book, she earns an A+++. I know she can help you get your online business up and running.

    Grace Becker, Ecommerce Entrepreneur

    Also Available for Your Success...

    We now know that mindset plays an important role in the success of our businesses, and the happiness we experience in life. Learn to unlock the power of your brain to gain a winning edge at work and in life!